Immune-Boosting Foods:- 32 Power Foods Cough, Colds And Fever

Immune-Boosting Foods

This recipe will improve cough, colds, and fever in Savannah, increase immunity
Do you often become victims of cold or cold or do you get infection very quickly? The reason for all this is a weak immune system, due to which you get sick quickly. How to Improve Immune System from Diet?

Savannah 2019 is about to begin. According to the Hindu Calendar, the month of Saman will begin on July 17. People are still waiting for the monsoon. But with the monsoon, the moisture in the weather has started. During the rainy season, it is common to have an infection, cold and a fever.
If you are wondering when the monsoon will come and take a to meet the monsoon 2019, keep getting updates from the meteorological department in it. Yes, we can tell you how long Savan is starting, how can you keep yourself healthy in the year 2019? It is important that you approach your kitchen. Yes, to avoid being healthy or to avoid diseases in the saawan season, you may not need to take medicines from a doctor if you use these things right in the kitchen. Savannah 2019 will be used to protect against diseases, these home remedies. During the rainy season, it is common to have infections, colds, and fever, this is because of your weak immunity

In the kitchen of Indian families, there are various spices and herbs that are used in everyday cooking. These spices are also used for making a decoction. These herbs enable our bodies to fight infection and keep healthy. The decoction is an herbal beverage, which is prepared by boiling many herbs and spices in water. The selection of herbs depends on your illness. The taste of the decoction really does not like anyone. But this affects more than the medication.

According to Dr. Ram N Kumar, ayurvedic expert of the Neog Street, monsoon is a season where there is a risk of several types of infection. Guidelines for Ayurveda and its Special Seventies can help us to stay healthy in weather changes. In the rainy season where deadly diseases such as dengue and swine flu spread easily, decoction (Ayurvedic drinks prepared from special herbs) can help you keep away many health problems. Curry is prepared with food items present in the kitchen like cardamom, cloves, cumin, ginger, basil, honey, and jaggery. Here are two monsoon special worms suggested by Dr. Kumar, who can help you keep yourself healthy.

Immune systems, ie the immune system, do not get better, we are very vulnerable to diseases. The biggest reason for the weakness of the immune system is the lack of nutrients in the diet. So let's know, about some foods that increase the immunity, so that you always be healthy by incorporating them into your everyday diet.

Cholesterol and cardiovascular disease are less likely to eat vegetables. They get vitamins and minerals from the body, from which the immune system is healthy.
Daily eating fenugreek helps relieve anemia.
- Fenugreek is also beneficial for diabetes patients.
- After delivery, the mother gets good milk by eating it.

- contains amounts of iron, calcium, which is beneficial in anemia.
- Spinach and other green vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, folic acid, and fibers.
- Carrot is the source of vitamin A, carotenoids and antioxidants.
- The consumption of carrots is less likely to cause lung cancer.
Vitamin A is good for the eyes and also reduces the chances of cataracts.
Regular consumption of tomato provides relief in heart disease.
- If cholesterol is high, then drink tomato juice regularly.
Tomato is also helpful in reducing the level of LDL (bad cholesterol).
- It contains lycopene, which neutralizes the free radicals present in the body so that free radicals do not harm our body.
- Regular intake reduces the risk of potential health problems, such as wrinkles on the skin, from heart attacks.

The fruit

These are the stores of antioxidants. They should be eaten daily.
- Apple is a good source of vitamin C and potassium.
- If 1 or 2 apples are eaten daily, the energy level is increased.
- This causes the immune system to be strong and blood pressure is also low.
- This is the source of vitamins.
- Protecting organs from cancer, increasing blood circulation (blood circulation) and also helping to heal wounds early.
Grapes in both green and black contain antioxidants.
These protect the veins from being narrow and tight.
There are also anti-cancer properties in the global acid found in grapes.
- There is more amount of anthocyanins in it.
- It destroys bad LDL cholesterol in the body and does not allow blood clotting.
The berries
- All the herbs, such as strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, etc. are good sources of vitamins and phytochemicals.
Phytochemicals are substances that protect against diseases.
Strawberries also have anti-cancer properties.
Eating it reduces weakness and depression.
- It would be right to say the integral energy booster because it will eat immediately
There are 3 types of natural sugars - glucose, sucrose, and fructose.
- High fibers found in it are helpful in removing constipation.
Apart from this banana cake is also useful in ulcers, anemia, blood pressure, depression, etc.
- This is the source of peptic fiber and potassium.
- Pectin reduces cholesterol, it keeps the body free of toxin.
- It also contains sodium, phosphorus, copper, vitamin A, and c. It stimulates white cells to fight the infections and prevents them from being harmed by free radicals.
- There is abundant lycopene found in it.
- It reduces the risk of prostate cancer.
- contains proteins, carbohydrate vitamins C, A, and fibers.
- To avoid problems after menopause, 2 pi case food is beneficial every day, because the foundation in it increases estrogen hormone levels.
Vitamin C is abundant in Amla, which makes the immune system very strong.
- If the amla juice and honey are eaten together every morning, then many diseases are prevented.


Foods consumed in salads also help in improving the immune system.
- It is beneficial for cold nature, diuretic and skin.
- Fresh juice of cucumber chest, chest burning, acidity, eczema, arthritis, gastritis, and ulcer
- There is no calorie intake and vitamins and minerals are abundant, like Vitamin A, B, C, B9, etc.
- Vitamin A found in asparagus is beneficial for skin and hair and fiber cleaning of intestines.
- There is a lot of zinc in it.
- It is a diuretic.
- Its leaves contain iron, calcium and vitamin C.
- There are iron, potassium and vitamin C in it.
It detoxes the liver and keeps the immune system healthy.
In this, a compound called Vitamin C and Flavonoid, which makes the immune system strong, is found.
There are also properties of anti-cancer and anti-oxidant.
- It makes skin and gums healthy.
Green coriander
- Iron is in it.
- It enhances the taste of food and prevents it from allergic and indigestion.
- The curd is zinc in which the immune system becomes weak due to its deficiency.
- It contains calcium, vitamin E and protein.
- Eating yogurt reduces the stigma coming from the mouth.
- It helps fight against the harmful bacteria of the digestive tract, which keeps the digestion function fine.
Also, get rid of all stomach problems.
- It contains natural sugars and carbohydrates, which are easily absorbed in the body and give instant energy, which has a long-lasting effect. Therefore athletes and runners use it in their daily diets.
- It is also a stress booster and antiseptic.
- contains abundant vitamin C, calcium, potassium, manganese, iron.
It is also helpful in keeping the immune system better.
- Its leaves also get rid of the problem of gas, nausea and stomach problems.
- Eat 5 leaves every day to avoid hepatitis and typhoid.
Dry Fruits
- All drives fruits are sources of vitamins, fiber, mineral iron, and calcium.
- They are very healthy. They contain high protein and fat.
Brainfood almond is the source of vitamin E, which reduces skin wrinkles and cholesterol.
- In the nut, omega 3 fatty acids, which reduces arthritis.

                                      32 Power Foods Cough, Colds And Fever
Immune-Boosting Foods:-  32 Power Foods Cough, Colds And Fever
Salad And Vegetables


The useful substances present in various grains also increase the immune system, which keeps us healthy.
Pulses (all kind)
- These contain all the essential amino acids.
- It contains 20-25% protein, which is twice that of protein found in wheat and tripled with rice protein.
- contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which are good for health.
- Its use is very useful in menopause and osteoporosis.
- Beans contain vitamin B and potassium.
- To reduce cholesterol, control blood sugar and reduce the risk of blood pressure, cancer and obesity.
Are helpful.
Oats (oats)
- contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, silicon, vitamin B and e. Their breakfast is healthy at breakfast.
They also help indigestion.
- Cholesterol is beneficial for reducing and diabetes.
Flex Seeds (linseed)
Omega 3 fatty acids are abundant in Flex Seeds, so its consumption is protected from diseases such as heart disease, cancer, arthritis.
- It contains manganese, folic acid, copper, phosphorus and vitamin B6.
- If it is consumed every day it is beneficial in psoriasis, osteoporosis, diabetes, and allergies.
it happens.
- There is also calcium, copper, phosphorus, manganese, potassium, and zinc in addition to vitamin A, B, E.
Poppy Seeds (Poppy)
It is very beneficial for pregnant and feeding mothers.
- contains calcium, phosphorus.
- It keeps the digestive system of the body fixed.

. The decoction of Giloy: This is an herbal beverage, which is made with the help of Giloy. It helps in preventing all types of fever. The decoction of Giloy promotes immunity and also helps to increase platelet.

. The decoction of Tulsi-Giloya: Tulasi and Giloyi fever and special Ayurvedic recipe for promoting immunity to avoid coldness. Even if you have a fever, this decoction can help you a great deal.

This is the dish of basil and black pepper.

. 2 cups of water
. 1 teaspoon sugar
. 1 teaspoon black pepper, chopped
. 1 teaspoon finely chopped ginger
. 1 teaspoon desi ghee
. One to two cloves
. Some basil leaves

. Heat the ghee. Mix clove, black pepper, ginger and basil in it.
. Now add water and sugar to it.
. Cook this decoction on medium heat for 15-20 minutes. Run it in the middle
  Do not forget.
. Now add some basil leaves and cook for 2 more minutes.
. Now drink this dish twice a day.

Black beans
Kashya is an Ayurvedic drink. It helps in the problem of sinus during monsoon. Its anti-bacterial properties promote immunity.

. Roasted coriander seeds
. Cumin seed
. Fennel seeds. black peppercorns

Seeds of roasted coriander seeds, seeds of cumin seeds and fennel seed mixed with black pepper seeds. Now make the powder. Boil one cup of water to make a decoction. Now add the prepared powder and boil it. After that add a little jaggery and lukewarm powder to it. Now filter it and drink it.

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