How To Do Pedicure At Home- Some Other 6 Tips For A Pedicure At Home

How To Do Pedicure At Home- Some Other 6 Tips For A Pedicure At Home

The activities affected by the day are most affected, so their care can not be ignored. Clean and smooth legs increase the beauty of the body. The pedicure has now emerged as a good choice for foot care, but different rates of parlor can bother you for doing this. You do not have to be frustrated with it. In this article, we are explaining the method of a pedicure at home, which you can do when you want it. Let's first know, about the benefits of foot pedicure.

What is pedicure? You must know the answer, however, that it is a cosmetic treatment, which works to remove dirt and dead cells from the skin of the feet. The use of this treatment, especially for women, is to increase the beauty of their feet. Know the different benefits to a pedicure from feet below, after which we will tell you how to make pedicure at home.

Shiny legs and nails - Pedicure acts as an effective expelled, causing the feet of the ankles, especially the dead skin, to be easily removed. It also polishing the nails.

Dry skin rest - This treatment is beneficial for cracks and dry skin in the ankles too. Pedicure fills the cracks and relaxes the removal of dead cells from dry skin.

Relaxation of the feet - Massage is also adopted in the pedicure method, which provides relief to the feet, especially soles and ankles.

Blood flow - Foot massage to be done in pedicure also promotes blood flow (1).

After the benefits of a pedicure, learn how to do pedicure at home.

Materials needed for a pedicure -

Before making a pedicure at home, make sure that you have the contents of the pedicure described below -

. A hot tub hot tub
. Epsom salt and shampoo
. A Good Foot Scrub
. Nail clipper. cuticle pusher
. Nail file (to rub the nail)
. Pumice stone/foot file
. Nail scrubber
. Nail polish remover
. Curative cream
. A clean towel
. Moisturizer
. Cotton pad

Let's now know the easiest way to pedicure at home.

How to do pedicure at home -

It is not necessary that you always go to the parlor for a pedicure. You can make pedicure at home in less time and less money. Know the easiest and efficient way to pedicure at home -

Step 1 - Remove nail polish marks

After ensuring the necessary material for a pedicure, you now remove the nail polish marks on the nails. For this, you insert some drops of nail polish remover on a cotton ball and rubbing it firmly on the nails. After cleansing the nails well, proceed to the next step.
How To Do Pedicure At Home- Some Other 6 Tips For A Pedicure At Home
How To Do Pedicure At Home

Step 2 - Cut and rub nails

. After cleansing the nails, nail parts of extra nails
. Cut from the cutter. Be careful when cutting nails.
. Cut the nails in an equal manner, so that they do not look rude.
. Do not deepen the fingernails from the edge, doing so will cause pain in them.
. You can also give special shapes to nails, such as square, oval, peaked
. After cutting the nail, you slowly turn to the nail file (to rub the nail)
  Rinse the nails, so that they stay in full shape.

Step 3 - Immerse the feet in the water

After biting and rubbing the nails, you should now keep them warm in hot water for some time to relax the feet. First of all,

. Fill a tub with light warm water and put little apple salt or shampoo in it
 Please give it. The water of Epsom salts works to give a lot of comfort to the feet,
 Swelling and burning sensation in the eyes and feet are soft (2). How To Do Pedicure At Home.
. Instead of lemon juice or Essential Oil instead of Epsom salt or shampoo
 Drops can also be put in water. Lemon and Essential Oil Anti Bacterial and Anti
 Fungal properties are enriched with the effect of any kind of bacterial and fungal
 (3), (4).
. The process of drowning feet in hot water, along with resting the feet
  It also promotes blood circulation (5).
. Keep the feet in water for at least 15 minutes and later wipe with clean towels
 Take it.

Step 4 - Scrub Foot

. After the leg has dried, put the cuticle cream on the nails,
  Slow massage. When the dead skin becomes soft, with the help of the cuticle pusher
  Remove the cuticle (skin of the nail base) and clean it.
. Now use Foot Scrub to remove the dead skin of the feet. Around
  For three to four minutes, the ankles, soles, feet,
  Scroll slowly.
How To Do Pedicure At Home- Some Other 6 Tips For A Pedicure At Home
 Scrub Foot-How To Do Pedicure At Home

If you do not have a curative cream, you can make it in the house itself. Learn how to make the cuticle cream below -

material :

. Three tablespoons olive or almond oil
. One tablespoon coconut oil
. One big spoon glycerine or Essential Oil of your choice

The process of making:

. Heat olive oil.
. Mix coconut oil and essential oils or glycerin in it.
. Let this mixture cool down and store it in a bottle.
. In this way, you can make a curious cream at home.

 Learn how to make a house at the foot scrub -

material :

. Two tablespoons brown sugar
. A tablespoon honey
. Two tablespoons oatmeal powder
. One big spoon lemon juice
. One teaspoon olive oil

The process of making:

. Mix oatmeal and brown sugar together.
. Now add lemon juice, honey, and olive oil and use it.

Step 5 - Insert Nail Polish

Now your feet are perfectly clean, but moisturizing them is very important. You can choose a good moisturizer. Light massage of the feet, ankles, and nails for about 10 minutes with a moisturizer. If you do not have a moisturizer, you can also use olive oil.

Step 6 - Insert Nail Polish

You can apply your choice of nail polish after posturing the feet. This is the last step of the pedicure. For Normal Nail polish, you can follow the steps given below -
How To Do Pedicure At Home- Some Other 6 Tips For A Pedicure At Home
How To Do Pedicure At Home-Insert Nail Polish
. Put a base coat on your fingernails first. You are transparent in the form of a base coat
  Nail polish can also be applied.
. After this, add the nail color of your choice and let it dry. First coat
  Put another coat on drying and let dry. This makes your nail more attractive
  Will be seen

After knowing how to do pedicure at home, learn more about the following related tips.

Some other tips for a pedicure at home

In addition to the pedicure described above, you can also follow other tips related to foot maintenance, such as -

. If you do not have time to scrub the feet, then during the bath
  Scrub legs with pumice stone twice a week.
. Keep your nails free from nail polish in between. Week for you
  You can choose any one or two days in

Caution: If you feel any infection or blackness on your fingernails, immediately consult the concerned doctor.

How To Do Pedicure At Home. Now you must have learned how to pedicure at home. Then what was late, adopt this easy way soon and make your feet attractive and beautiful. Also, keep in mind that nails should be resting between them, for which you do not use nail polish for a few days a week. I hope you liked the pedicure's domestic way. How beneficial this pedicure can be to you, share your experiences with us. If you have any questions in mind, you can ask us in the comments box.

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