Benefits Of Drinking Fennel Water: These 22 Amazing Benefits of Fennel

Wonders of drinking fennel water will be knowledgeable

Masala kept in the kitchen spices not only enhances the taste of food but also works like domestic remedies in many problems related to health. One such spice is fennel. Most people like to take it for digestion after eating. So many people are used to eating sweet fennel after eating food. With this one ends up eating the sweet food and the other is beneficial for health. Those people who have iron and potassium deficiency are advised to eat fennel. Let's know its many more advantages.
Fennel Green and crispy fennel we all use as a mask. This fountain is also very good for health. Let's know its 22 benefits which are invaluable for health.

Fennel has an enormous amount of vitamin C and has essential minerals like calcium, sodium, phosphorus, iron, and potassium.

Different free radicals increase the risk of cancer and other diseases by eliminating body cells, but antioxidants present in the fennel help to protect the body from these free radicals if you want to avoid these serious diseases too. So take evening fennel.

Fennel contains a large number of dietary fibers, which keeps the stomach full of food throughout the day, and also avoids you getting more calories, which helps in weight loss, consume black pepper with fennel to lose weight, besides weight You can also eat roasted fennel to reduce it.

If your eyesight is weak, then eat rosemary fennel, grind fennel, mithrey and almonds for 3 times a day; it will increase the eyesight by increasing its eyesight due to potassium, its intake also controls blood pressure. Eat after filling the fennel well, chew the fennel well.

After eating food, the use of mithrey with fennel is beneficial. Benefits Of Drinking Fennel Water: These 17 Amazing Benefits of Fennel. This not only improves the digestive tract but also removes the difficulties related to the stomach. Apart from taking the powdered fennel with lukewarm water at night, the problem of constipation and acidity can be solved, if there is trouble in sleep, then in milk Boil the fennel by mixing it with honey, it helps. To remove cough, boil 1 teaspoon fennel, 2 teaspoons celery and half a liter of water. If you are lukewarm, drink a little honey in this water and drink it 2-3 times a day.

1. Periods are Regular: Women who have problems with irregular periods, take teaspoon fennel with warm water every morning with lukewarm water.

2. There are many properties: In addition, beneficial properties such as calcium, sodium, iron, potassium are found in fennel.

3. Stomach diseases are far away: It is effective in removing all abdominal diseases. People who suffer from constipation can take fennel. The problem will be overcome.

4. Beneficial for eyes: An intake of fennel enhances eyesight. Eat teaspoon fennel after eating the meal. Also, add half a teaspoon of fennel powder to a teaspoon of sugar candy and take it with milk while sleeping at night. Eyelashes will benefit.

5. Removal of indigestion: It has been observed that small children often complain of digestion doing the right thing. Fennel is thus an accurate treatment. Boil two teaspoons fennel in two cups of water. When it is one fourth, then filter it and cool it down. Take one to one spoon twice to three times a day. Complaints of abdominal pain and dyspepsia in children will end.
Benefits Of Drinking Fennel Water: These 17 Amazing Benefits of Fennel
Benefits Of Drinking Fennel Water: These 17 Amazing Benefits of Fennel
Benefits Of Drinking Fennel Water
6. It is a very effective drug for stomach disorders such as tumor, pain and gastric disorder.

7. Fennel enhances your memory.

8. Regular consumption of fennel intensifies vision. By taking 5-6 grams of fennel every day, the liver and the eyes are fine.

9. Eating with a foamed fennel mishri will make the sound as sweet as it cures.

10. If you do not want your cholesterol level to rise, then eat teaspoon fennel after about 30 minutes of eating. Fennel casts cholesterol levels in control.

11. Mix dry, roasted and raw fennel in equal amounts. Eat it after eating This will improve the digestive system and you will feel light.

12. If you boil a teaspoon of fennel in 2 cups of water and take this mixture two or three times a day, your intestines will feel better and cough will also disappear.

13. Fennel leaves have the ability to keep cough related problems such as asthma and bronchitis.

14. Eat fennel with figs and drive away cough and bronchitis. Fennel is useful to treat cough and cough.

15. Eat fennel to regularize the monthly cycle.

16. Fennel is very useful in indigestion disorders. Due to the addition of uncooked fennel and uncooked fennel on the pan without oil, there is a lot of benefit in the case of dyspepsia.

17. Taking one spoon fennel boiled in two cups of water two or three times, the problem of dyspepsia and cough ends.

18. In the treatment of asthma, fennel is helpful.

19. Eating fennel with jaggery is regular for menstruation.

20. It is very useful in removing the stomach and stomach of the infants.

21. Allow one teaspoon fennel to boil in one cup of water and let it cool for 20 minutes. This helps in the treatment of the baby's colic. The baby should not give this solution more than one or two spoons.

22. Mixing the fennel powder with sugar mixed with Shakira will remove the burning of the hands and feet. After the meal, take 10 grams of fennel.

Better to improve digestive power

0 Grief, vomiting, stomach pain, acidity or dyspepsia problems are common in the summer season. Fennel proves helpful in this relief.
Drinking by drinking fennel or drinking fennel water gives relief in dysfunctional stomachache.
0 Chewing gum and chewing gum increases digestion.
Boil four spoons of fennel in a glass of water, filter it and mix it with sugar candy. The problem of sour Dakar will be relieved.
Take a mishri equal portion with fennel. This helps in preventing hiccups.
0 The problem of pimples in the summer harasses us all. To get relief from this, add four teaspoons fennel and four spoonful sugar candy. Dilute it in water and filter it and use it. Heat pumps will be relieved. Benefits Of Drinking Fennel Water: These 17 Amazing Benefits of Fennel.
0 If the fever has increased in the summer season, then help with fennel. Foil 40 grams. Boil it well in two glasses of water. If slightly cold, give two to two spoons to the patient at some interval. The temperature of the fever will remain constant.
Make the fennel powder. Take half a teaspoon of grounded sugar candy and this powder with milk. This will increase your eyesight.

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